Walking on nature’s footprints & unraveling its beauty while growing up near the hills of Tarai region Nainital, in the era of a serene world, nowadays called “gadget-free”.

Hiking and trekking with school friends and sometimes solo, the benign eyes were encapsulating dreams & igniting the soul of a traveller. Those treks seeming aimless taught us the true meaning of freedom & exploration.

The urge to explore new places and unabashedly expressing to turn it into a profession someday culminated in the idea of our company Traveller. Traversing the length and breadth of India with its magnanimity, we gained first-hand knowledge from the pioneers of the travel trade. Teaching the true meaning of travel is through transcendence in the experiences that every place offers.

After being on the go for 18 years that droning travel bug & its metamorphosis gifted us with the clarity between a traveller and a mere tourist. Being travel connoisseurs we craft experiential journeys and memories for travellers around the globe. From adventure to culture, from wildlife to cuisine, every journey is uniquely devised for our traveller’s desires & specifications.